Catherine Hois is a visual artist from Toronto, Canada. Her current work focuses on creating a confrontational atmosphere through exposure of the typically private and unspoken: stigmatized body types, and issues with the normalization of extreme body management. Her work is inspired by her own recovery from an eating disorder and body dysmorphia, and using art making as a way to heal and shed light on her experiences. Her process involves reflecting on her evolving relationship with her body, and connecting her experiences with issues of unhealthy societal body ideals. Hois works with a variety of mediums, including soft sculpture, painting, drawing, and stop-motion animation.

Interview with Catherine Hois and Curator Muriel Kahwagi, Art Windsor-Essex

Catherine Hois, Pageant of the Vulnerable, 4.5mx7.5m, Art Windsor-Essex, 2023 Courtesy of AWE; Photograph by Frank Piccolo